Dave Smith

Assistant Professor of Science (Mathematics), Yale-NUS College


Latest News

New preprints

Preprint: Revivals and fractalisation in the linear free space Schrödinger equation

Published: The diffusion equation with nonlocal data

Published: Nonlocal and multipoint boundary value problems for linear evolution equations

Published: A numerical implementation of the unified Fokas transform for evolution problems on a finite interval

Published (mathematics education): Collaborative peer feedback

Upcoming talks

Seminar, 29 April 2019: UC Irvine applied & computational mathematics seminar, Irvine CA, USA

Seminar, 17 May 2019: UC Davis PDE and applied math seminar, Davis CA, USA

Seminar, 22 May 2019: UC Santa Cruz geometry & analysis seminar, Santa Cruz CA, USA


19 April-16 May 2019: visiting Tom Trogdon at UC Irvine, Irvine CA, USA

20-22 May 2019: visiting François Monard at UC Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz CA, USA

27-31 May 2019: visiting Beatrice Pelloni at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK

02 September-18 December 2019: Complex analysis: techniques, applications and computations at Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge, UK

25 February-05 June 2020: International visitor program at University of Sydney mathematical research institute, Sydney, Australia. I will work mostly with Robby Marangell.


I work in integrable systems, using inverse scattering methods to study initial- and initial-boundary value problems for partial differential equations. Much of my work is dedicated to studying initial-boundary value problems for high-order linear evolution equations, with complicated boundary conditions, especially from a spectral viewpoint. I am also interested in semiclassical and long-time asymptotics of integrable systems.

My research page contains more information.

Unified transform method

I set up and maintain the Unified Transform Method website. Over time, this has become a central portal for scholarly activity relating to Fokas' method. The website details most of the published work on Fokas' method and its various applications.


I enjoy teaching university level mathematics. I am currently teaching proof at Yale-NUS College. I recently taught modules on proof, ordinary and partial differential equations, and applied calculus at Yale-NUS College. At University of Michigan and University of Cincinnati, I taught courses on Boundary Value Problems, Calculus & Precalculus. At University of Reading, I taught 1st and 2nd year courses on Real Analysis.

I completed the University of Reading's Teaching & Learning Support Programme, entitling me to Associate Fellowship of the UK Higher Education Academy.

PhD from the University of Reading

I completed my PhD in Mathematics at the University of Reading, UK. My supervisor was Beatrice Pelloni and I was supported by an EPSRC studentship. I submitted my thesis in March 2011 and I graduated on 8 July 2011.